Karnataka, Manipur, Chandigarh top NITI ranking for innovation, growth

7/22/2022 12:24:00 PM

Karnataka, Manipur and Chandigarh topped a NITI Aayog ranking of states and union territories on innovation in economic growth, promoting business and competitiveness, and other parameters. Karnataka topped the India Innovation Index 2021 in the major states category, Manipur came first among North East and Hill states, and Chandigarh led among Union Territories (UT), said NITI Aayog on Thursday. The index evaluated the performance of 28 states and 8 UT on seven broad parameters and 66 indicators. The seven parameters are classified as five “enabler” and two “performance” pillars. Five enablers--covering innovation within a state/union territory--include human capital, investment, knowledge workers, business environment, and safety and legal environment. Telangana and Haryana came second and third in the major states category. Chhattisgarh was last in the category. In North East and Hill states category, Uttarakhand and Meghalaya came in second and third. Delhi and Andaman and Nicobar Islands were second and third in the UT and city-states category. “I want to encourage all states to ensure that these innovations are also accessible to all and help in resolving societal challenges. Only when we all grow together, we can become a prosperous nation,” said V K Saraswat, a member of NITI Aayog. The index had new indicators this year, taking the total to 66. The last edition had 36 indicators. NITI Aayog said it has tried to match its indicators to the 80 in the global innovation index. NITI Aayog said that states have scored fairly high on some enablers but low on the two performing pillars. Achievement in 'enabler' pillars has not necessarily led to a similar accomplishment in indicators under the 'performance' pillar. It added that high human capital in some states has not translated into filing of patents by individuals, which is one of the indicators of 'performance' pillar. The report cited the example of Maharashtra where high enrolment in PhD has not been entirely reflected in the patents filed in that region.] The index rated India’s overall performance on the 66 indicators, noting that the performance as a whole is “low but we are ambitious to enter into the top 25 nations on the Global Innovation Index.” From the 60th position in 2017 in the global innovation index, India has reached 46th spot in 2021. India was ranked 1st among the Central and South Asian nations and 2nd among the lower-middle-income countries, the report said. Source: Business Standard