Chandigarh moves to implement Master Plan-2031

1/18/2022 1:09:00 PM

Lying dormant for most of its actionable part since its inception, the UT Administration will now aggressively pursue the implementation of the Chandigarh Master Plan-2031. UT Adviser Dharam Pal today directed the officials concerned to prepare project-wise action plans for implementing the master plan. The Adviser today reviewed the implementation of the master plan during a meeting here. Chief Architect Kapil Setia highlighted the important projects of the master plan with respect to various land uses such as sub city centres in Sector 34 and Sector 43, commercial areas in Mani Mjara, housing projects in third phase sectors of Chandigarh, IT habitat, re-utilisation of government housing, Beant Singh Memorial, Sector 42, and transit-oriented development along Vikas Marg. It was directed that the implementation process and time line for these projects be clearly delineated. All components of the master plan were reviewed at the meeting and the officials were directed to prepare an action plan for each component of the master plan, he said, adding that “everything is there in the plan such as the number of schools, hospitals and police stations required in the city”. Source: Tribune