In Pandemic “Yeh Public Hai Yeh Sab Janti Hai”

4/28/2021 2:07:00 PM

Oxygen, Proper Hydration means Water, Healthy lifestyle & healthy food are trending aggressively these days. As a literate generation, we accumulated enough knowledge about body and soul before Pandemic but realize this profoundly now. 24x7 rushing for work,compromising with health, eat Junk food to save seconds to compete daily stuff and much more but why not Since childhood we are poured with competition from head to toe. From neighbours to relatives, we are compared with each other, so Ladies and Gentlemen don’t worry, it's not our fault I think we will have to start R & D to determine what is the root cause. Anyhow, let us not divert attention and just focus on immunity and health-related things. Newspapers, Radio, Tv Channels, and even almost every advertisement are talking about simple things immunity, proper hydration, exercise, good food, and of course vaccination is being seen as hope. It is seen nobody is talking about money in corona days to some extent. Politicians, Actors, Famous personalities, and the common man are being treated unbiasedly by monster corona and meanwhile, backbenchers and average school and college students are happy about the comeback of covid-19 although they don’t believe to express their happiness, viral messages, memes, and trending videos are not hidden from mobile users and social sites subscribers. On the other hand, the labour class, low-income group, small business, and even big ones are hit by the second wave it is like between the devil and the deep sea like circumstances in the pandemic. It is said, worse condition can be tackled only with attitude, means it is your attitude that can change the things positively. In Corona, the economy is jolted by the second wave where some are in between the devil and the deep sea like situation, some big personalities are busy in Twitter handle to only for emotional Tweets, begging with a loud voice, no donations and with Big Public Relation Team, somewhere, volunteers for their upcoming project promotions by giving stuff till their project profits. Another one working like helping hands in a worse situation. Free food Services, Free oxygen for needy and poor, Free Ambulance Services, oxygen langar, Services for covid victim’s body to Crematorium, Doctors, frontline Workers, army, Police, and many untold Anti Covid Heros are balancing the worse situation silently, they don’t have Public Relation services who will handle their brand value or name. One more thing is noticed “They are Silent, but Their Work is Loud”. In this condition “Yeh Jo Public Hai Yeah Sab Janti Hai” is fitted perfectly. In this time, we should help each other honestly, if we cannot, at least we can take care of ourselves from covid-19 so that others can be facilitated with medical services and other things which we would have if we were infected.