Adventure of Tenants Around Planet

7/12/2021 4:53:00 PM

Animatedly grin while unlocking a new door, a new normal phase is about to begin, seems happiness is standing outside specially to welcome just next to the main door as despondency has been thrown before the ride to the arrived destination, history is witness, often, fresher’s have always been special at that moment. The “Warrior” named tenant has rented house cleaned, inculcating, tranquility will be maintained. Unfortunately, some dreams never to be a reality, agree, some obstacles can be less if landowner residing somewhere, but in the month-end these uninvited guest has to appear in your door accompanying do’s and don’t, Meanwhile, other tenants are trying to please uninvited guest to persuade their demands by throwing surprises, But they don’t know these people are not ready to give even concession on rent during corona lockdown period, rather they don’t want to know about “wave-off”, inhumanity, but this is the ground reality about landowners, agree exception could be somewhere but not all lucky to have them. Landlord inhumanity stories have been broadcasting on TV screens since covid-19 lockdown, it is the consequence of supposing rental property is their own. Relationships, that had been flourished before corona, seems were breaking in a pandemic. Bhabhi ji and bhaiya ji are prevailing among others. Culinary exchange ritual, prevailed as a love token, suddenly had been stopped, looking at prospective rental issues nor for corona spread, reflects the split personality of a human being. Tenant aka “warrior” wondered about a situation, irrespective of huge housing hunt and R&D, they invented this suitable one and now, corona became successful to make things worse by breaking their relationship with their matched ones. somewhere, was being seen this situation over astrology perspective. Both Paying guests and tenant seem riders of the same destination, on close inspection we found paying guests are tolerant more than a tenant. They have to share the same space with two and somewhere three. Paying guests have to share a kitchen and even a washroom. The bathing pioneer is seen as a warrior. Since their hunt is started by morning and continue till night napping as they fail to get sound sleep due to roommates whispering. Here, smartphones became a weapon to create clutter around the accommodation. Their domestic fights pop out as Line of Control issues and suddenly that issues become successful to bloom political parties in the same constituency. This means you cannot become contemporary “Arjun”, the divine soul popular for his focus. Calling it hell on earth will not go wrong and who they experienced it, will agree with solidarity. Unlike housing hunt and R&D they comfortable to shift frequently, and end up with their bad stars. Spending life as a tenant is going to be adventures, you have to meet with different issues on a daily basis and sudden rent hike is work like catalyst into it. While coming home from professional chores aunty ji always grabbed, irrespective of tread on toes, “Many are prowling around, and asked me about rent, so much demand”. Remaining talk always on phone, “use water under urgency”. It is the place where maintenance is never ended, deep down, retorting is prohibited on apocryphal tales. Day begins with grabbing wire for drying cloth under the sun to car parking tug, competitions are flourished since sunrise. In extreme cases, the alarm is put down before buzz. If you believe in revital benefits, you should definitely take it, to be active in the whole day. Tolerance, Cold War, and hypocrisy are prevalent tools to be a long-lasting tenant. Living being tenant, life seems untold. In fact, life cannot be dragged, rather to live in our terms. By the September month, festivals are about to begin and enthusiasm is on the peak. In most of the cases, Festivals are inexpressive for tenants. Often, “Apna Ghar” is remembered in festival vibes. Having boundaries, preparations are often rather shallow, and incomplete emotions ruin the celebration to some extent. The Audience is often enjoyed the adventures of stars but fiercely leaps to the next channel on television while feeling irritated. Many banks and National Housing Banks are offering lucrative interest rates towards housing loans and Govt. “Housing For All” component would make the dream home true. CHANDIGARH

Thermocol Earthquake Resistant and good Conservation Practice of Natural Resources

8/25/2021 4:58:00 PM

Earthquake seems like monster when it becomes disaster for nature and man-made things. People become homeless in seconds and the loss of loved ones is a bitter truth which can never be compensated. Science and Technology has always been a sign of hope for human beings and so many problems have found solution by hard work of research scholars. Now, we could think that if earthquake shakes even seismic zone, The home and infrastructure will not destroy, and simultaneously human lives will also be saved. According to Researchers at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IITR) found that thermocol or Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) could resist earthquake forces on up to four-storey buildings. Thermocol could be the material of the future for construction of earthquake-resistant buildings even in the most seismic zone with thermal insulation and could also save the energy required to develop construction materials. The researchers tested a full-scale building and a number of wall elements constructed with thermocol sandwiched between two layers of concrete at the National Seismic Test Facility (NSTF) of the Department of Earthquake Engineering, IIT Roorkee. This was developed under the Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure (FIST) programme of the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India, a release from the Ministry of Science and Technology said on Monday. Adil Ahmad, the research scholar who conducted the tests, evaluated the behaviour of the constructions under lateral forces, as earthquake causes a force predominantly in lateral direction. The project was supplemented with detailed computer simulation of a realistic four-storey building. Supervising the research, Yogendra Singh, a professor at IITR, informed that the analysis shows that a four-storey building constructed with this technique is capable of resisting earthquake forces, even in the most seismic zone of the country, without any additional structural support. The researchers have attributed this earthquake resistance capability to the fact that the EPS layer is sandwiched between two layers of concrete, having reinforcement in the form of welded wire mesh. The researchers said that the force being applied on a building during an earthquake arises due to the inertia effect and hence depends on the mass of the building. Thermocol resists earthquakes by reducing the mass of the building. In this technique, the EPS core and the wire mesh reinforcement is produced in a factory. The building skeleton is first erected from the factory-made core and reinforcement panels, and then concrete is sprayed on the skeleton core. This technique does not require any shuttering and hence can be constructed very fast, the researchers said. Besides resisting earthquakes, the use of expanded polystyrene core in concrete walls of a building can result in thermal comfort. The core provides the necessary insulation against the heat transfer between building interior and exterior environment. This can help in keeping the building interiors cool in hot environments and warm during cold conditions. India suffers a large variation of temperature in different parts of the country and during different seasons of the year. Therefore, thermal comfort is a crucial consideration along with structural safety. "The technology also has the potential of saving construction material and energy, with an overall reduction in carbon footprint of buildings. It replaces a large portion of concrete volume from the walls and floor/roof. This replacement of concrete with the extremely lightweight EPS not only reduces mass, thereby decreasing the earthquake force acting on a building but also diminishes the burden on the natural resources and energy required to produce the cement concrete, the release added. Source: ET Realty INDIA

Life in a City

11/16/2021 12:19:00 PM

Bizarre activities at heavy gym machine installed parks, energetic weekend and almost compulsory to mark attendance in restaurants and theaters. About to heart attack on Monday's, striding towards destination and rushing to be No 1 is the definition of life in career magnet hubs. Migration to cities from villages lead nuclear families and almost every member is working seems like sachin Tendulkar in the productivity pitch. Mostly, you are being missed in hometown family functions and fortunately, whenever you appear like id ka Chand, suddenly you become momently Shahrukh khan. City is a kind of recipe that is cooked with ingredients like opportunities, amenities, giant infrastructure and amusement. It connects almost 5 to 6 states. People from different rural and underdeveloped areas are attracted to cities and Metros. People come here to earn and to explore something better. Sheen and money mine called city give them a good career and lifestyle. Suddenly Naive becomes smart and emotional becomes practical. Being rational is a good thing, if you want to survive here and make something big, you must fit into that box. As much as you fit into the box and put effort into your career you will become successful with your good graph career report card. Your own big expensive car and at least a flat are proof that you have become successful and happy. On the other hand, monthly EMI lets you not forget about financial pressure. Big grinning with excellent communication skills, expensive professional clothes, eating etiquette etc. matters a lot, it does not matter your mind and soul are grinning too. And yes, you must speak English language irrespectively you celebrate Hindi divas digitally. Thanks to available English-speaking institutes in the city that are capable to train migrated educated professionals who are not confident with their language and consistent education. There is no doubt that city life gives you a facilitated and glamorous lifestyle. School, colleges, multi-specialty hospitals, best restaurants, theaters and many more. Everything is available at your doorstep. But whatever city gives you it takes too in exchange. Your social life imprisons into cage. You have to revolve around the computer or mobile screen throughout the day and talk like a robot to your clients about what your company programs into your memory. Job targets and long shifts have made life as scheduled. At late evenings you know how’s was weather and if you are lucky you are blessed with window or glass cabin. Your life has become limited to your well-tech and serviced cabin. In the rush of success and achievements, people's lives became stride. They eat fast food and prefer food that can be cooked quickly due to a tight schedule. It does not matter how healthy and nutritious it is and finally ends up with diabetes, cholesterol, heart diseases and many more. They have to take a handful of medicines along with no nutritional value food. Medicine for appetite and medicine for digestion matters simultaneously. On the other hand, Science Researchers and Doctors are busy finding new diseases and viruses. Problems like anxiety and depression, which are rising among people who are living in cities and Metro. Lack of social life, losing the art of sharing and caring leads to these problems. And when we go through these issues, Doctors recommend patient to be involved socially, physical activities and tapping along with medicines. They advise their patients to share whatever you feel with their loved ones. Whatever our ancestors did. They used to talk about their problems in family and lived a healthy, peaceful and happy life. Take out some time for Anger, Cry, fight and laugh with your loved ones which are the way to express what you really feel. I think, behaving like robot throughout the day will not work for long span. Let’s behave like real at least for some time. It is true, to be financially sound is necessary to lead a smooth life but the need of the hour is to find a way so that professional and social life can walk together. Good health is a combination of physical activity, nutritious food, healthy relationships, social involvement, and of course sufficient bank balance. If anything is missing, your physical or mental health affects you and leads a poor and unhappy life. INDIA


Residential Real Estate Poised For Healthy Growth In 2022

1/13/2022 12:40:00 PM

The residential real estate sector has witnessed major changes during the pandemic. Despite the decline in the market last year, gaps were bridged, transparency was maintained, sustainability was prioritized, new trends were innovated, and preferences were shaped. In this scenario, as customer-centricity took the center stage, the performance of the residential market was seen with strategic interest. During this time, the residential market came to play a larger role in serving a consumer base that looks at real estate assets as a steadfast promise for a secured future. As per the Colliers report, the residential real estate sector saw the highest surge in the past four years in terms of investments. At USD 0.9 Billion, this was a two-fold jump from 2020. The sector exhibited a staggering recovery fueled by the massive increase in the demand for capital. Consequently, the inflows in the residential segment witnessed a significant uptick with a two-fold increase Year on Year. These statistics provide overwhelming evidence to substantiate that the shadow of the pandemic is fading, and a silver lining is now visible, which is sure to drive a healthy growth of the sector in 2022. The pronounced buoyancy in market sentiment exhibited by the real estate sector is supported by a shared understanding among investors and buyers that stems from the significant returns witnessed in the last two quarters. The channels of investment have gained steam, supported by favorable policy support, exponential infrastructure development, as well as a congenial global business climate. In the wake of the pandemic, homebuyers have come to realize the importance of owning a home. With the uncertainties of this new world, the housing segment as emerged as a stable and lucrative investment choice. Increased awareness of health, well-being and comfort, combined with the extensive adoption of modern technology have propagated sustained growth in the segment. With a large spectrum of the population now inoculated with the vaccine, and market transactions achieving pre-pandemic invigoration, the real estate sector has now shifted gears from recovery to growth mode. Inspired by an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit and a conducive framework for economic growth, is giving rise to a new generation of uncompromising homebuyers. Market analysts are confident that the year 2022, will see greater proliferation of demand in the luxury segment. The pandemic has ushered new trends and expectations. While factors like affordability still play a crucial role for homebuyers, the new normal has seen this demographic requiring not only flexible work policies but also homeschooling for their children. The desire to stay close to their families combined with major infrastructure development is sure to strengthen the realty market in tier-2 and tier-3 cities. Homebuyers are now looking for a plethora of modern facilities and hi-tech amenities. In addition to posh neighborhoods, homebuyers have also come to prefer properties with sizeable balconies and large open spaces enveloped by verdant greenery. The extensive infrastructure development across the country has played a defining role in supporting realty growth in these volatile times. The vision outlined by the government for major infrastructure projects, along with the encouraging schemes designed and executed to bolster the Indian economy have greatly aided the growth of the real estate sector. As previously untapped opportunities are explored in the real estate sector, the coming year will be defined by attractive property valuations across the country. With a flourishing investment ethos sweeping across the nation, the year 2022 heralds a promising outlook for the Indian real estate sector. As per various industry reports, the accelerating momentum in sales exhibited by the residential segment would most certainly continue. This is further validated by an expected rise of up to 5% in property valuation next year. With the aftershocks of the pandemic a fading echo now, the real estate market is sure to achieve an unprecedented growth in the new year. Source: Business World INDIA

67% HNIs plan to buy a luxury home in 2022: Survey

1/19/2022 1:36:00 PM

A large number of HNIs (high net worth individuals) are proposing to buy property in the next two years, reflecting a strong and decisive turnaround in the luxury real estate segment, reveals a survey conducted by India Sotheby’s International Realty. The survey elicited responses from over 200 HNIs and UHNIs to gauge the mood of the luxury home buyer across India’s top 8 cities — Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and Goa. Out of the 76 per cent who responded in the affirmative to buying real estate in 2022, 89 per cent said they would look to buy residential real estate vis-a-vis 11 per cent who opted for commercial real estate. This translates to 67 per cent of the respondents wanting to buy luxury homes, going forward. “An overwhelming 67% per cent of respondents said they would look to buy luxury residential real estate in 2022. On the key motivation to buy another property, 46 per cent of the respondents said, the biggest reason for them to buy property in the pandemic years was a lifestyle upgrade. About 31 per cent of HNIs also said the biggest motivation to buy real estate in the last 18 months was ‘a good investment opportunity’, reflecting the emergence of bullish outlook that HNIs have on luxury real estate and their expectation of home prices to rise,” according to Sotheby’s Luxury Housing Outlook-2022. Within the choices of buying residential real estate, a city apartment continued to top the charts with 34 per cent saying they would look to buy a bigger city-based apartment. On the other hand, more than 1/4th of the respondents (29 per cent) expressed their desire to acquire a holiday home. “This remains one of the biggest aspirations for the HNIs, a change we see as significant,” observed Amit Goyal, CEO of India Sotheby’s International Realty. Goyal further said, “The fact that people picked a good investment opportunity as a strong reason for buying luxury real estate points to a bullish outlook on luxury home prices. Unlike some of the developed countries, where the price increase frenzy seems to be cooling off, in India, I believe, we are at the start of a secular price rise. We expect low-rise homes in the thriving urban centers, especially in Delhi NCR and Mumbai, and the vacation home destination of Goa, to be the outperformers of 2022.” As regards the money the HNIs are willing to shell out on another property, the maximum response was received for a luxury city apartment or villa for the price range of Rs 10 – 25 crore with 69 per cent respondents picking this bracket. The sweet spot of pricing for a luxury “holiday home” was between Rs 5 crore and Rs 10 crore with as many as 71 per cent of respondents opting for this price band. About 29 per cent of the respondents were even willing to spend more than Rs 10 crore for the right vacation home. ‘Work From Home’ Findings The survey was completed before the onset of the third wave of Omicron surge, but it clearly showed that the hybrid work model is here to stay. Almost 65 per cent of the respondents answered, they do not see themselves going back to the physical office, all 5 days of the week. “This is a clear indication that the desire to upgrade homes will remain a big motivator in 2022,” the survey found. The extensive survey also revealed that 28 per cent of the HNIs had gone back to the office – full time, prior to the third wave of COVID. Almost half of the respondents though continue to be in a “hybrid” work mode, spending anywhere between 1 and 4 days working from home. Also, about 15 per cent seem to have made a complete switch to “work from home” – which was negligible in India, pre-pandemic. Real estate agents/advisors were the top choices for HNIs when it comes to the source of information for decision-making on buying real estate in India. However, information gleaned from the internet is catching up as a strong source of information for HNIs when it comes to real estate buying decisions. Source: Financial Express INDIA

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