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Fitness fine kick over Dream home amenities

8/31/2020 6:01:00 PM

Since last many year’s, bizarre performances are often seen in parks, mostly, it is a picturesque view of morning and evening. Fiercely, people invent their own moves while seeing other one doing something with their nostrils or pumping heart by breathing out on colorful yoga mats. Dance without music consists of basic self made steps and giggling without any reason sounds scary sometimes, appears adventure channel is live on real television screen. Outside a park, bottle gourd & bitter gourd juices are sold over maverick trick. Fitness obsession is going all the way to physical and mental health. People are very aware of their mind and body. Everything is being seen under a fitness perspective, although bad visual feed impacts are being ignored sometimes irrespective of knowing visuals impact our mind. Electronic media is keen to broadcast fitness programs by giving “Miraculous Headlines” as exercises will be performed by experts. Often, It is likely outcome, many can harm each other during emulating experts while watching fitness programs, if we consider room measurements. Everyone needs a fine morning kick to make their day productive by doing exercise and watching horoscope. On the other hand, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Twitter, etc are inundated with fitness goals. Video sharing sites introduce you to many people who would sometimes inculcate authenticity about video outcomes. Multiple asana photos are capable to tell you the whole story by photos sharing sites, simultaneously Ketogenic diet and Vegan diet are followed by many under media sources guidance and ready to switch another one to get the best results. It seems, way of presentation of everything has changed and things will absolutely be grilled until implementation. Rituals of welcoming guests have been changed over a period of time, There was a time when we were offered tea, coffee, or cold drink. Now, the beverages menu has been changed, green tea is included. If we chose tea, then the question arises, which milk will be added, almond milk, or holy cow milk. By choosing cow milk, we are asked to choose among toned milk, whole milk or skimmed. At once I got embarrassed when I had been given choice between sugar or stevia??? Then I realized, people are in a health marathon, and I still believe in baby steps. Without wasting any time, we start rubbing nails while talking to each other as it claims to reduce grey hair. These days, In our talk, health issues and their remedies are discussed and while offering lunch or dinner, we are introduced to recipes accompanying health benefits as things should be grilled and drilled so that conviction will be maintained while consuming. As the food is considered for maintaining health, other activities play a vital role too. Cycle, which had been apart in past, reunion, is seen these days. However, having a cycle for many are their helplessness. Cycling Track is being constructed along with roads. Now, Cycle seems, seen as a status symbol behind multiple health stories. People used to take multiple memberships of Yoga, jogging, swimming and gym activities among others which energize us for the whole day. As we got to know, it has become our part of life so while searching dream home, we give more importance to home amenities instead of other things. There was a time, when only home location matters a lot while making home- buying decisions, although it matters too now, over a fitness long-lasting wave, home amenities grab the attention of the home buyer to some extent. It could be quite good to have every facility at our doorstep instead scattered. Chandigarh

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Sophia Emotions, Technology and Japan virtual tour over less time frame

9/10/2020 6:31:00 PM

“Two minutes noodles” can understand better, how time is precious. As human is being busy, things have been transformed accordingly. Since sunrise to moon arrival, we try to make things easy so that time could be contained. We are not alone in life long drive, but we help each other to reach our destination. It is observed, the human being is curious since his birth and wants to know each and everything that is happening around. To save time, the news channels have started news hundred countdown, where you at least could grab entire news under “ho jao intelligent minto mai” idea. Subsequently, it also helps to sharp your rhyming couplet skill. “ho Jao intelligent minto mai” is one of among inspired rhyming couplet skill. Unlike news headlines, we got to know about our kid's adventures with explanation by our neighbors, as detail news after headlines, I agree with neighbors, some things should be presented in a terrible sprinkling manner. Neighbors are very good source of surveillance for kids as well as your entire family by their right “pair of binoculars”, their services are lifetime and absolute free. Even, without giving instructions, they look forward to provide their services. Apart from neighbors, whatsapp status, facebook and instagram post will let you know about their adventures. And in extreme cases hidden cameras will unfold their apocryphal tales made by them. There was a time where wives were spying on their beloved spouse by making frequent calls. Eavesdropping was also a trustworthy tool for them. It is sheer truth, Problems are the only source of Invention. Now vidio call helps your "Better Half" to be stressed out. But technology doing its work in an unbiased manner, and I hope a virtual reality and augmented reality will do justice equally. It is a very common thing in every element of technology, you can catch up on your target by sitting on well padded couch. In the previous year, some countries banned vedio calls over security reasons, however, later, govt had to permit VoIP apps with guidelines to be used. As a “ho jao intelligent minto mai” volunteer, instead of nicotine beverages, I believe to stir “Vita” powder in whole milk so that entire day I can do intelligent activities. Calling, pop out messages for clients, vedio calls and conferencing are among which we have to do frequently. And in Pandemic lockdown these digital tools proved that importance. Every person is always connected with their dreams emotionally. Where Sites visits for “ Dream Home” was done physically, it is done virtually now, It shows business intelligence. Although the final site visit has to be done by own over emotional perspective. Personally, I believe, all tasks should not be done digitally, for instance, home warming party is done by “Artificial Intelligence”. While written artificial intelligence, I remembered “Sophia” a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. Sophia was first turned on on February 14, 2016, and made her first public appearance at the South by Southwest Festival in mid-March 2016 in Austin, Texas, United States. Sophia is powered to display more than 50 facial expressions. Joy, grief, curiosity, confusion, contemplation, sorrow, frustration, among other feelings. The kind humanoid robot visited India for the first time in December 2017. She graced the stage at IIT- Bombay for about 20 minutes where it spoke about the growing intolerance in the world and advised the human race to be "kind" to fellow creatures. It is highly appreciable “Humanoid Robot” has emotions and her advise let me force to think we should express our emotions too with huge intelligence. As we Indians often give a sign of emotions once in a while. India is a culture enriched country. As a sign of respect, we reach down to touch the elder’s feet. “Namaste” is also the Indian form of greeting, to greet someone with a namaste, bring your hands together with palms touching in front of your chest gracefully. On the festival side, we ignite ghee lamp on “DIWALI” with gratitude and try to distribute self-made sweets instead of well-packed chocolates. However, to save our time, we cook “Two-minute noodles”, boiled or scrambled eggs, but in festivals, we believe to cook food by spending many hours to display mouth-watering traditional colorful culinary. In the technology era we love to click photos before eat and promptly post in various digital platforms to lure likes. And with in seconds inundated thumps up are on posted clicks. In some cases we call many to like post and sometimes we show anger to not give thumps up into post, vedio calls are often made too. During my “Virtual Japan Tour”, I preferred “Green Tea” not as a substitute for “Vita milk”. But, in order to feel a foreign tour in “Actual”. Green tea is undoubtedly the most popular tea in Japan. In my close inspection, I found, Japanese are quite shy and conservative as sort of Indians. Japanese greet each other by bowing. A deeper and longer bow indicates respect and while handshake, they practice to avoid eye contact as it is considered rude. It is good to exchange gifts with each other with both hands showing respect. One should be refuse a gift up to three times before finally accepting. On tour, meanwhile, some “Pop-Ups” made me laugh. I had to make sure, I tried to cover my mouth while laughing, as In Japan, covering mouth while laughing means not showing your exact reactions. Moreover, it helps to keep your emotions subtle and shy. This is also considered graceful for ladies in Japan. I will have to make sure, during my next virtual tour, I need to sit on an acupressure active chair instead of a well padded couch for not forgetting, I am not to “Actual” but to “Virtual tour". Chandigarh

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East or West all directions are Best

10/1/2020 10:05:00 AM

The Backpack seems often light when we are accompanied by google map on long travels, doesn’t matter, where we go. Put your destination in the search box and the beautiful voice comes from your mobile, which leads you to a destination while you are having less information about direction. You enjoy your favorite music with a high-quality subwoofer during decoding the body language of a travel planner, a huge quantity of enthusiasm is found prowling around the man of the trip. No worries about a travel destination and the traveling wave is in the right flow. Feeling nostalgic, while traveling with google map, direction theory was so easy and so simple as now. In initial academic years, among other basic things, we learned about directions and found nothing which could be confused. In short, the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the north will be on your left side and the south will be on your right while facing sunrise. As far as, I remember, auspicious and inauspicious words were never a part of the direction chapter at all. Although google map and GPS digital direction guide arrival make our travel smooth and enthusiastic, but, when direction accompanied by the dwelling, it becomes even terrible. Clarity seems to fade. Will this direction be auspicious? Some are being dragged to superstition having much confusion over dream home facing. Hardcore money is going to be put on it. There are millions of people, who are prowling around the confusion over direction while laying foundation for a dream home. Among so many things, I am unable to understand why people are so much confused over the direction. Their deep belief in direction magic effects dragged them to superstition to some extent. People believe, by constructing a study room in a particular direction, their kid's study will be impacted in a positive manner, but I have a doubt into it. Many success stories have been written under the sky. Dr. Abdul Kalam belonged to a poor family, he had not a study room in a particular direction as I have read about him. Apart from Dr. Abdul Kalam, there are so many brilliant people who had broken this myth while studying under the sky and streetlight. However, it is extremely important to place each room in perfect direction by best use of natural resources. Here, google map and GPS will not work with solidarity but your R&D can give you a confident ray of hope.. Climatic conditions and optimum use of natural resources recommend you a direction for a dream home. Land with huge vegetation, thick walls and high ceiling can be a good choice for hot climate region. North facing home works like a catalyst into it. It will be best to consider sunlight preference for each room before finalizing the direction for a particular room. Unlike the hottest region, South Facing or East Facing will be a good choice for cold climatic regions. Moreover, both positions receive a huge amount of natural light which means, climate condition recommends you a direction. We cannot recommend a particular direction for several climatic conditions. Sunlight and air like any other natural resource should be firmly considered as stakeholders; optimum utilization of each natural resource will escape your home to be a bill factory. A natural resource like sunlight not only effects the inner environment of home, bill amount figures but it also affects your mental health too. Here, we will try to find out how sunlight and darkness affect our mental health. Sunlight and darkness help in the release of good hormones in our brain when we are exposed in certain amount of time. When we get our cells exposed to sunlight then it is thought to increase the release of a good hormone called serotonin in brain. Serotonin is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused. At night, darkness trigger the brain to make another hormone called melatonin. This hormone is responsible for helping you to get sound sleep. Overthinking is not only restricted to home construction but also in home décor. As India believes in some philosophies on home dwelling and home décor, other countries also do the same. Japan follows wabi sabi and china believes in feng shui. Behind all philosophies could have the same intentions, but the elements revolve around the philosophy are different. Vastu shastra revolve around five elements water, air, sky, fire and space and feng shui includes wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Which thing will be where? what kind of things should be brought to bring happiness? I think let the home décor follows your heart. It is a place where you find peace after a long day hustle bustle. The space, where you embrace your good or bad, it symbolizes you not other persona. Akshardham Temple Complex has 10 massive and beautiful gates. The layout of the gates was planned according to the ten principal directions described in Indian culture. The gates, entryways reflect the Vedic sentiment of inviting goodness from everywhere to all visitors. I found, spirituality is embracing all directions, sunshine and blowing wind like nature’s pop-ups reveal east or west all directions are “The Best”. Chandigarh


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Commercial real estate in NCR may report growth in Oct-Dec on better demand

12/2/2020 12:59:00 PM

The commercial real estate sector of the National Capital Region (NCR) is likely report growth in the current quarter (October-December) on the back of improved demand, said a report by 360 Realtors. The report said that as per its estimates commercial market will take a V-curve and return to normalcy by Q4, 2020, noting that NCR's ccommercial real promises growth and continues to perform more than any other real estate asset class. "Till Q1'2020, the commercial realty space was on a growth trajectory but in Q2'2020 owing to the COVID-19 crisis the sentiment remained muted but the market will again witness an uptick in the sentiments by Q4' 2020," it said. It noted that several areas of Gurugram and Noida, have turned into business hotspots. Gurugram has been a premium location for commercial office spaces in NCR for almost a decade now owing to its proximity to the national capital, apart from innumerable industries and business houses already located in the vicinity. Demand for office spaces in Noida has also been on a high growth trajectory after commercial space saturated in Delhi and availability dwindled in the national capital, the report said. Micro-markets like NH-8, Golf Course Road, SPR in Gurugram have turned out to be the most lucrative options for leasing activities. The lower rent, new supply and infrastructure development have boosted the demand in NOIDA key sectors such as Sec-16, Sec-62 and Noida Expressway. "Commercial Realty market is witnessing an upward trend and more and more buyers and investors are showing their interest in it because commercial asset class has performed much better than the residential sector over the last few years," said, Ajay Rakheja, National Head, 360 Realtors - Commercial. He added that while the residential market for Delhi-NCR has largely remained subdued in the last few years, commercial space leasing and investment has gained traction, especially in the last financial year. Demand was largely driven by BFSI, FMCG, wellness and healthcare, consulting, head-offices of big corporate and MNCs, Rakheja said. "In the wake of the pandemic, several factors will continue to affect development. Planning for office expansion or new leasing became a secondary preference due to cost optimization, social distancing, and hygiene norms. Also, the market is witnessing rising demand for Grade-B and Grade-C," he added. Source: Business Standard Chandigarh

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Leasing by co-working operators to rise by 42 percent in 2021: Savills India

12/3/2020 12:14:00 PM

Leasing by co-working operators is expected to increase by 42 percent in 2021 at 4.9 million sq ft over 2020, with shared offices likely to gain greater significance as organisations reassess space requirements and look for flexibility in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak, a report has said. India had relatively larger co-working formats spanning to about 50,000 sq ft compared to world average of 7,000 sq ft, Collaborative Space in Dynamic World Order report by Savills India has said. In 2020, as of the third quarter, Bengaluru and Hyderabad had a combined share of around 66 percent of the total leasing activity in the co-working segment. The overall stock, expectedly, has been highly concentrated in the two cities and approximately 51 percent share is expected by 2020-year end, the report says. “Over the years, shared office space has emerged as a separate asset class bringing significant cost-advantages to occupiers. A wide rate spectrum combined with hassle free operational services on offer, have been instrumental in increasing the affinity of mid-sized firms as well as large corporations towards co-working spaces,”said Arvind Nandan, managing director, Research and Consulting, Savills India. Co-working in India has grown from a 5 percent share in 2016-17 to about 15 percent in 2019. Though the pandemic related uncertainty in commercial office market has impacted the growth trajectory in 2020, it is still expected to contribute around 10 percent of the overall leasing activity in 2021 and 2022, the report says. In 2020, co-working players are expected to lease around 3.4 million sq ft accounting for 11 percent share of the office leasing market. Although the overall leasing activity is expected to drop significantly in 2020 as compared to 2019, it is expected to increase steadily over the next two years, the report says. The share of co-working space take-up in overall office leasing activity is poised to rebound to a 15 percent share in 2021, similar to the 2019 level. As per the report, over 3,000 co-working centres across the country are likely to offer approximately 1 million desks by 2022. Additionally, leasing activity by the co-working segment is expected to grow by 29 percent during 2015-2022, the report said. As per the report, the pandemic could possibly lead to an array of trends in the co-working segment including the rise of marketplace platforms with sectoral expertise in flex spaces and increased consolidation with large investor-backed operators weathering the storm successfully. Co-working operators are also expected to tap into residential and retail market offering an integration of retail centers and office spaces. A survey conducted among occupiers and operators for the report indicated few aspects that are likely to alter the co-working offerings in the near future. About 60 percent of occupiers believe that work-from-anywhere (WFA) trend is likely to stay in the near to medium term. Hence, organisations are likely to switch to a hub and spoke model. As per the survey, 61 percent of occupiers seek shorter lock-in period and rent assessment cycles as businesses have become highly dynamic. As many as 30 percent of the surveyed developers strongly agreed that technology would shape the future of workspace. With 93 percent employees wanting a commute time of less than an hour, developers foresee a high demand concentration in the suburban and peripheral areas of cities. Apart from rental reassessments with occupiers, 79 percent of the developers recognize that they are expected to meticulously and rigorously analyse force majeure clauses among other aspects. Source: Money Control Chandigarh

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Work from home a boon for real estate markets in suburbs, smaller cities

12/4/2020 12:10:00 PM

A lot has changed since the coronavirus pandemic started and the world had to adapt ways it hadn't imagined. Now, as the world inches towards the mass production of Covid-19 vaccines that will act as a precautionary cure against this fatal virus, it remains to be seen if the current state of affairs becomes the new normal, or life goes back to the way it was before the pandemic. Many things however have changed irrevocably. Indian homebuyers' preferences in the real estate market, is one such thing. Remote working to be the mainstay For a variety of reasons remote working will continue to be the preferred mode of working for corporates across the world, considering the number of benefits it has offered in an atmosphere fraught with concerns about the physical wellbeing of employees and monetary stress caused by the pandemic. Companies would not like to start paying expensive rents for office spaces, when concerns about containing the outbreak of this disease still loom large. Interestingly, it's not just office spaces that have been impacted by the work-from-home phenomenon. Trends clearly indicate that after becoming the main mode of working since December 2019, preferences are moving towards home ownership as compared to living on rent. It's also pertinent to note that the pandemic has made people change their investment preferences, with more and more people now preferring real estate investments to investing in the stock markets. Also, amid record low interest rates on home loans, stamp duty reductions and price corrections, properties across the country are far more affordable now than what it has been in the past two decades or so. Another fallout of the pandemic is how home buyers are viewing the location aspect of a property they want to purchase. Since commuting for work is no longer an issue, most people are willing to move to the peripheries where comparatively lower property values help buyers afford bigger spaces, at lower rates. Since being in the metro cities is no longer a precondition to work in an office located in that big city, migrants have either already moved back to their homes in tier-II, tier-III cities, or are planning to do so, especially since majority of them have seen their salaries getting reduced because of the economic fallout of the pandemic. Data available with show that tier-II and tier-III cities have been able to pip India’s prime residential markets in recent times in terms of demand for house property and land. High-income individuals and those who are on their way to approaching retirement are also choosing alternative locations like hill stations and beach destinations as work station. Since their home is not only going to be their personal haven but also their professional arena, buyers are now seriously considering bigger homes. This trend has also resulted in a spike in demand for plots. More and more buyers are now considering plot purchases so that they can build a house, with all amenities and facilities suited to their individual requirements. While it may be myopic to say that the real estate markets in the bigger cities are going to suffer because of the changes brought in by the work-from-home situation, it is certainly safe to say that remote working has brought the focus back on peripheral locations and suburbs of big cities, apart from tier-II and tier-III cities. For the overall real estate market of a nation to perform well, markets across the country must perform equally well. This kind of overall development is also imperative for a more balanced urban sprawl and development. This was not happening in India. Also, while large-scale migration towards the big cities substantially increased the demand for housing in these markets, it also created major spikes in prices of these properties due to space constraints and a demand supply mismatch. Despite the fact that a large number of projects were launched in the city peripheries, the suburbs in most of these markets failed to get much attention from the buyer—despite their affordability—because it involved long and often, tenuous hours of travelling from central business districts where the majority of employment hubs are located. Similar trends were seen in tier-II and tier-III cities. Despite large-scale investment by the government in these cities, demand for real estate there remained dismal because most people moved to the big cities for work-related purposes as the smaller cities were not as successful in creating work opportunities. Work from home has changed that. With the arrival and spread of the work-from-home concept, small cities and suburbs are now in a position to reach their full potential, enabling real estate in India to spring out of a prolonged slowdown that has been plaguing it for over half a decade now. Source: CNBC TV18 Chandigarh

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