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Adventure of Tenants Around Planet

8/20/2020 4:47:00 PM

Animatedly grin while unlocking a new door, a new normal phase is about to begin, seems happiness is standing outside specially to welcome just next to the main door as despondency has been thrown before the ride to the arrived destination, history is witness, often, fresher’s have always been special at that moment. The “Warrior” named tenant has rented house cleaned, inculcating, tranquility will be maintained. Unfortunately, some dreams never to be a reality, agree, some obstacles can be less if landowner residing somewhere, but in the month-end these uninvited guest has to appear in your door accompanying do’s and don’t, Meanwhile, other tenants are trying to please uninvited guest to persuade their demands by throwing surprises, But they don’t know these people are not ready to give even concession on rent during corona lockdown period, rather they don’t want to know about “wave-off”, inhumanity, but this is the ground reality about landowners, agree exception could be somewhere but not all lucky to have them. Landlord inhumanity stories have been broadcasting on TV screens since covid-19 lockdown, it is the consequence of supposing rental property is their own. Relationships, that had been flourished before corona, seems were breaking in a pandemic. Bhabhi ji and bhaiya ji are prevailing among others. Culinary exchange ritual, prevailed as a love token, suddenly had been stopped, looking at prospective rental issues nor for corona spread, reflects the split personality of a human being. Tenant aka “warrior” wondered about a situation, irrespective of huge housing hunt and R&D, they invented this suitable one and now, corona became successful to make things worse by breaking their relationship with their matched ones. somewhere, was being seen this situation over astrology perspective. Both Paying guests and tenant seem riders of the same destination, on close inspection we found paying guests are tolerant more than a tenant. They have to share the same space with two and somewhere three. Paying guests have to share a kitchen and even a washroom. The bathing pioneer is seen as a warrior. Since their hunt is started by morning and continue till night napping as they fail to get sound sleep due to roommates whispering. Here, smartphones became a weapon to create clutter around the accommodation. Their domestic fights pop out as Line of Control issues and suddenly that issues become successful to bloom political parties in the same constituency. This means you cannot become contemporary “Arjun”, the divine soul popular for his focus. Calling it hell on earth will not go wrong and who they experienced it, will agree with solidarity. Unlike housing hunt and R&D they comfortable to shift frequently, and end up with their bad stars. Spending life as a tenant is going to be adventures, you have to meet with different issues on a daily basis and sudden rent hike is work like catalyst into it. While coming home from professional chores aunty ji always grabbed, irrespective of tread on toes, “Many are prowling around, and asked me about rent, so much demand”. Remaining talk always on phone, “use water under urgency”. It is the place where maintenance is never ended, deep down, retorting is prohibited on apocryphal tales. Day begins with grabbing wire for drying cloth under the sun to car parking tug, competitions are flourished since sunrise. In extreme cases, the alarm is put down before buzz. If you believe in revital benefits, you should definitely take it, to be active in the whole day. Tolerance, Cold War, and hypocrisy are prevalent tools to be a long-lasting tenant. Living being tenant, life seems untold. In fact, life cannot be dragged, rather to live in our terms. By the September month, festivals are about to begin and enthusiasm is on the peak. In most of the cases, Festivals are inexpressive for tenants. Often, “Apna Ghar” is remembered in festival vibes. Having boundaries, preparations are often rather shallow, and incomplete emotions ruin the celebration to some extent. The Audience is often enjoyed the adventures of stars but fiercely leaps to the next channel on television while feeling irritated. Many banks and National Housing Banks are offering lucrative interest rates towards housing loans and Govt. “Housing For All” component would make the dream home true. Chandigarh

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Fitness fine kick over Dream home amenities

8/31/2020 6:01:00 PM

Since last many year’s, bizarre performances are often seen in parks, mostly, it is a picturesque view of morning and evening. Fiercely, people invent their own moves while seeing other one doing something with their nostrils or pumping heart by breathing out on colorful yoga mats. Dance without music consists of basic self made steps and giggling without any reason sounds scary sometimes, appears adventure channel is live on real television screen. Outside a park, bottle gourd & bitter gourd juices are sold over maverick trick. Fitness obsession is going all the way to physical and mental health. People are very aware of their mind and body. Everything is being seen under a fitness perspective, although bad visual feed impacts are being ignored sometimes irrespective of knowing visuals impact our mind. Electronic media is keen to broadcast fitness programs by giving “Miraculous Headlines” as exercises will be performed by experts. Often, It is likely outcome, many can harm each other during emulating experts while watching fitness programs, if we consider room measurements. Everyone needs a fine morning kick to make their day productive by doing exercise and watching horoscope. On the other hand, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Twitter, etc are inundated with fitness goals. Video sharing sites introduce you to many people who would sometimes inculcate authenticity about video outcomes. Multiple asana photos are capable to tell you the whole story by photos sharing sites, simultaneously Ketogenic diet and Vegan diet are followed by many under media sources guidance and ready to switch another one to get the best results. It seems, way of presentation of everything has changed and things will absolutely be grilled until implementation. Rituals of welcoming guests have been changed over a period of time, There was a time when we were offered tea, coffee, or cold drink. Now, the beverages menu has been changed, green tea is included. If we chose tea, then the question arises, which milk will be added, almond milk, or holy cow milk. By choosing cow milk, we are asked to choose among toned milk, whole milk or skimmed. At once I got embarrassed when I had been given choice between sugar or stevia??? Then I realized, people are in a health marathon, and I still believe in baby steps. Without wasting any time, we start rubbing nails while talking to each other as it claims to reduce grey hair. These days, In our talk, health issues and their remedies are discussed and while offering lunch or dinner, we are introduced to recipes accompanying health benefits as things should be grilled and drilled so that conviction will be maintained while consuming. As the food is considered for maintaining health, other activities play a vital role too. Cycle, which had been apart in past, reunion, is seen these days. However, having a cycle for many are their helplessness. Cycling Track is being constructed along with roads. Now, Cycle seems, seen as a status symbol behind multiple health stories. People used to take multiple memberships of Yoga, jogging, swimming and gym activities among others which energize us for the whole day. As we got to know, it has become our part of life so while searching dream home, we give more importance to home amenities instead of other things. There was a time, when only home location matters a lot while making home- buying decisions, although it matters too now, over a fitness long-lasting wave, home amenities grab the attention of the home buyer to some extent. It could be quite good to have every facility at our doorstep instead scattered. Chandigarh

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Sophia Emotions, Technology and Japan virtual tour over less time frame

9/10/2020 6:31:00 PM

“Two minutes noodles” can understand better, how time is precious. As human is being busy, things have been transformed accordingly. Since sunrise to moon arrival, we try to make things easy so that time could be contained. We are not alone in life long drive, but we help each other to reach our destination. It is observed, the human being is curious since his birth and wants to know each and everything that is happening around. To save time, the news channels have started news hundred countdown, where you at least could grab entire news under “ho jao intelligent minto mai” idea. Subsequently, it also helps to sharp your rhyming couplet skill. “ho Jao intelligent minto mai” is one of among inspired rhyming couplet skill. Unlike news headlines, we got to know about our kid's adventures with explanation by our neighbors, as detail news after headlines, I agree with neighbors, some things should be presented in a terrible sprinkling manner. Neighbors are very good source of surveillance for kids as well as your entire family by their right “pair of binoculars”, their services are lifetime and absolute free. Even, without giving instructions, they look forward to provide their services. Apart from neighbors, whatsapp status, facebook and instagram post will let you know about their adventures. And in extreme cases hidden cameras will unfold their apocryphal tales made by them. There was a time where wives were spying on their beloved spouse by making frequent calls. Eavesdropping was also a trustworthy tool for them. It is sheer truth, Problems are the only source of Invention. Now vidio call helps your "Better Half" to be stressed out. But technology doing its work in an unbiased manner, and I hope a virtual reality and augmented reality will do justice equally. It is a very common thing in every element of technology, you can catch up on your target by sitting on well padded couch. In the previous year, some countries banned vedio calls over security reasons, however, later, govt had to permit VoIP apps with guidelines to be used. As a “ho jao intelligent minto mai” volunteer, instead of nicotine beverages, I believe to stir “Vita” powder in whole milk so that entire day I can do intelligent activities. Calling, pop out messages for clients, vedio calls and conferencing are among which we have to do frequently. And in Pandemic lockdown these digital tools proved that importance. Every person is always connected with their dreams emotionally. Where Sites visits for “ Dream Home” was done physically, it is done virtually now, It shows business intelligence. Although the final site visit has to be done by own over emotional perspective. Personally, I believe, all tasks should not be done digitally, for instance, home warming party is done by “Artificial Intelligence”. While written artificial intelligence, I remembered “Sophia” a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. Sophia was first turned on on February 14, 2016, and made her first public appearance at the South by Southwest Festival in mid-March 2016 in Austin, Texas, United States. Sophia is powered to display more than 50 facial expressions. Joy, grief, curiosity, confusion, contemplation, sorrow, frustration, among other feelings. The kind humanoid robot visited India for the first time in December 2017. She graced the stage at IIT- Bombay for about 20 minutes where it spoke about the growing intolerance in the world and advised the human race to be "kind" to fellow creatures. It is highly appreciable “Humanoid Robot” has emotions and her advise let me force to think we should express our emotions too with huge intelligence. As we Indians often give a sign of emotions once in a while. India is a culture enriched country. As a sign of respect, we reach down to touch the elder’s feet. “Namaste” is also the Indian form of greeting, to greet someone with a namaste, bring your hands together with palms touching in front of your chest gracefully. On the festival side, we ignite ghee lamp on “DIWALI” with gratitude and try to distribute self-made sweets instead of well-packed chocolates. However, to save our time, we cook “Two-minute noodles”, boiled or scrambled eggs, but in festivals, we believe to cook food by spending many hours to display mouth-watering traditional colorful culinary. In the technology era we love to click photos before eat and promptly post in various digital platforms to lure likes. And with in seconds inundated thumps up are on posted clicks. In some cases we call many to like post and sometimes we show anger to not give thumps up into post, vedio calls are often made too. During my “Virtual Japan Tour”, I preferred “Green Tea” not as a substitute for “Vita milk”. But, in order to feel a foreign tour in “Actual”. Green tea is undoubtedly the most popular tea in Japan. In my close inspection, I found, Japanese are quite shy and conservative as sort of Indians. Japanese greet each other by bowing. A deeper and longer bow indicates respect and while handshake, they practice to avoid eye contact as it is considered rude. It is good to exchange gifts with each other with both hands showing respect. One should be refuse a gift up to three times before finally accepting. On tour, meanwhile, some “Pop-Ups” made me laugh. I had to make sure, I tried to cover my mouth while laughing, as In Japan, covering mouth while laughing means not showing your exact reactions. Moreover, it helps to keep your emotions subtle and shy. This is also considered graceful for ladies in Japan. I will have to make sure, during my next virtual tour, I need to sit on an acupressure active chair instead of a well padded couch for not forgetting, I am not to “Actual” but to “Virtual tour". Chandigarh


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Ayodhya land prices double month after Ram temple bhoomi pujan

9/22/2020 1:05:00 PM

In what could only be described as miraculous or divine intervention, land prices in Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya have doubled in just a month since the Ram temple ‘bhoomi pujan’ in August. This surge was observed above 30-40% growth witnessed between the Supreme Court’s verdict in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit nine months earlier and temple ceremony in August. Even in surrounding areas near the town, land prices have shot up to Rs 1,000-1,500 per square feet, whereas at prime locations these rates stand as high as at Rs 2,000- 3,000, as per TOI. Before the verdict, the land was easily available at Rs 900 per square feet. The report said that the demand for land shot up in the area after the announcement of three large infrastructure projects, three-star hotels and an international airport by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath who promised to turn the city into India’s Vatican. The city’s realty prices remained depressed for decades owing to an ongoing highly-volatile political controversy which ran for decades. The nearest hotel to the city was on Faizabad. Lack of amenities in the outskirts kept prices around Rs 300-450 per square feet. More than private demand, the prices are surging in anticipation of state government buying vast tracts of land for infrastructure projects. Private buyers, however, remain wary of their investment getting jeopardised in case they buy at premiums and later their land gets acquired by the state. Local property agents quoted in the report say the local authorities have already put land registry strictures in place. Many properties are disputed and a majority of land parcels up for sale lie on the wetlands of Saryu river and are being watched by the National Green Tribunal. While most buyers want the land for religious purposes such as setting up dharamsala and community kitchens, there are some who see it as a solid investment for the future. Source: Timesnownews Chandigarh

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Real estate body to revive stalled projects in NCR

9/23/2020 2:31:00 PM

After its intervention to restart a stalled housing project in Noida, the Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UPRERA) is now contemplating to help resume operations of other stalled projects in the state. The UPRERA decided to step in after successful restart of the Jaypee Kalypso Court (Phase-II) project which restarted construction work at the site after a wait of nine years, on September 19 as UPRERA facilitated conciliation between the promoter and the allottees. As per the UPRERA sources, NCR region has witnessed many projects slipping into a limbo making it miserable for the buyers who end up making a huge investment for a house of their own but the projects get delayed as the builders often fail to fulfil commitments made to homebuyers. According to Rajive Kumar, chairman, UPRERA has been successful in resolving the dispute and restart a stalled project. “Jaypee Kalypso Court project of Jaiprakash Associates Limited has been the first such project that UPRERA had taken up for revival and now the promoter has commenced construction work on the project” added Kumar. Not only NCR, but the regulatory authority is planning to extend this approach to various other districts also in the state where projects are stalled either due to an impasse between the promoter and the homebuyers or the completion date, as declared by the promoter, has lapsed, including the one-year extension permissible under Section 6 of the RERA Act. In Lucknow, several housing projects of private developers are stuck for several years. Allottees in the state capital want RERA to intervene to restart these pending projects. According to RERA officials, based on the audit done by consultant Currie & Brown, it has come to light that around 40 stalled projects in Gautam Buddha Nagar district could restart with the intervention and following conciliatory tactic between the promoter and the buyer. This approach is ideally suited to such projects where the promoter is keen to complete the project but unable to do so either due to expiry of registration of the project with UPRERA or due to differences with allottees. Source: New Indian Express Chandigarh

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Will Film City project near Jewar boost real estate markets in Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway?

9/24/2020 2:45:00 PM

After Jewar airport, there will be another feather on Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority’s cap. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has announced that a 1,000-acre plot located just about 6 km from the proposed Jewar International Airport, has been identified for a film city project. While this is expected to revive the fortunes of Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway real estate market that has taken a beating especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, the real benefits in terms of price appreciation and increased infrastructure activity will only be witnessed once construction gets underway, say real estate experts. Besides the commercial segment which is expected to see a spurt in demand, the residential category which may benefit from this project would be the luxury segment, say experts. “Similar to any mega infrastructure project, proposed film city too will help in reviving the property market in nearby areas like Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway. However, the ‘real’ benefits - in terms of price appreciation and heightened real estate activity in residential, commercial and retail will be seen only once the project sees visible signs of construction activity or nears completion,” Santosh Kumar, vice chairman, Anarock Property Consultants told Moneycontrol. For instance, property prices in Ayodhya shot up 25-30 percent back in 2019 when the SC verdict was announced and then almost doubled when the temple ‘poojan’ was done back in August. In this case there was some activity or progress that happened. “Likewise, even while the film city project has been announced and the area for it has also been identified, we need to see some ground activity for property prices to scale up significantly. Those having land parcels nearby or even the investors will be in a wait and watch mode,” he explained. The site is located in Sector 21 along the Yamuna Expressway in Gautam Budh Nagar which is barely an hour’s drive from Delhi. According to the presentation, of the 1000 acres, 220 acres would be kept aside for commercial activity. “The site is also located close to the proposed logistic hub in Noida, the proposed dry port and freight corridor, thus providing all facilities of transport and movement,” chief minister Yogi Adityanath had said on September 22. The region would also boast of an international electronics city and a global financial hub in the coming years. The Jewar international airport is expected to be functional by 2023. While there is no official date with regard to the completion of the film city project, sources said that it could be ready by 2023. The land identified for the project was among three proposals submitted by the Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authorities. Will the announcement help mitigate the impact of COVID-19? Even before this announcement, real estate activity was already beginning to pick momentum in the NCR region. Housing enquiries in Gurgaon have reached almost the same as the pre-COVID-19 levels while in Noida and Greater Noida enquiries are back at more than 80 percent. “It will be the progress of the project that will determine its impact on the property market and the trends therein,” Kumar said. The proposed Film City is likely to boost investment sentiments across Uttar Pradesh, particularly in areas adjoining Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway. “This bodes well for the real estate sector and it is likely to have a positive impact on demand for both residential as well as commercial properties. Along with upcoming Jewar Airport, the proposed Film City is expected to provide a new lease of life to existing projects and will boost new project offerings immensely,” said Dhruv Agarwala, Group CEO, The proposed Film City is located close to Gaurs Group’s integrated township, Gaur Yamuna City on Yamuna Expressway. “Such developments will bring positive momentum in developments and investments. This announcement would be a boon for the region both in terms of residential and commercial development. Post Jewar Airport, this is the biggest announcement for the region and we hope that the work starts soon,” said Manoj Gaur, MD, Gaurs Group. Some experts say that the initiative is bound to improve economic activity in the region and have a major “economic multiplier effect on the local economy,” said Amit Modi, Director ABA Corp & President (elect), CREDAI Western UP. “It will not only attract the best talent involved in the filmmaking process, but also millions of support staff and workers, who will be looking for accommodation in the region. We feel it will have a huge impact in both owned, rental, office and commercial real estate in the regions where national production houses will also be opening their satellite offices to support the filmmaking process. It is indeed a welcome step and will open gates of opportunities for the regional real estate market,” said Modi. There may also be a possibility that once the Noida Film City is running in full force, a lot of celebrities would want to invest in and around the region for the want of easy access and reach, he said. According to Deepak Kapoor, director, Gulshan Homz, Noida will emerge as the most robust luxury real estate destination after the film city comes about. The demand for customized penthouses, villas, and farmhouses in the region is likely to go up in the region. The wellness home concept will also witness demand, he said. The recently proposed plan by UP Govt. development of Film City in Sector-21 of Yamuna Expressway is going to be a monumental step in making the region of Noida the biggest entertainment and business hub of North India. It will go a long way in creating job opportunities and also transform the face and scale of real estate developments planned in the area, said Ashish Bhutani, CEO - Bhutani Infra. Will the announcement enable Noida to finally overtake Gurgaon? Both property markets are actually independent and it is not as if Noida will overtake Gurgaon, or vice versa, say real estate experts. Having said this, Noida and Greater Noida still have scope for growth as property prices here are far more affordable in comparison to its counterpart in Haryana. As per ANAROCK research, the average property prices in Noida are around Rs 4,795 per sq. ft. while in Greater Noida it is Rs 3,350 per sq. ft. As for Gurgaon, the average prices hover at Rs 6,100 per sq. ft, says Kumar from Anarock. According to an earlier report released by Knight Frank, the impact of the pandemic has been so drastic that Gurugram was pushed to second place for the first time in seven years in office leasing activity in the first half of this year. According to the report, more office space was leased in Noida in January-June as supply was available at much lower rentals in the satellite city. According to the report, 0.92 million sq ft office space was leased in Gurugram in the first six months of 2020 compared with 1.08 million sq ft in Noida. Noida outperformed Gurugram in terms of overall transactions and became the highest contributor to gross leasing in the National Capital Region market, posting a year-on-year increase of 86 percent. This came on the heels of a 45 percent decline in gross leasing by area in the NCR in the first six months of 2020. “Demand for office spaces has been growing in Noida mainly due to relatively high rentals in Gurugram’s established office space locations such as DLF Cyber City, Golf Course Road, MG Road and Udyog Vihar,” the Knight Frank report had said. Better infrastructure, including roads, improved metro rail connectivity and competitive rentals helped Noida pip Gurugram, it said. Source: Money Control Chandigarh