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Natural disaster, Pandemic and more, if you don't fear

12/22/2020 11:58:00 AM

Since our birth, we are taught about god, as we cannot see him, but at the same time, we can experience his love and affection by breathing oxygen, drinking water, eating food and living in a suitable environment. In Marketing gimmick world, nature gives it free different products worldwide. It is a very strange thing, what have been provided by nature are the most prominent things to live, but we give importance to other things. It is the time where we google each and everything, so google it, human being needs to live. Money would not stand anywhere but oxygen, water and food. Human being is among the wise creation of nature, but his over smartness is creating drastic problems worldwide. Nature gives exact habitats to each creation where they can live peacefully, but human curiosity never ends. It is good to consider worse things and make efforts to bring them into equilibrium, but it is bad to stimulate better things and finish them into worse. Human often do R&D and sometime try to make perfect things more perfect. He enters the marine world and expect their aquatic life will let him do arbitrariness on the contrary, whenever mistakenly animals enter his boundary he is ready to destroy them. Is it right? It is humorous when he stops his breath in water and try to live in water as long as possible while he is human, and land is the perfect place to live so why he does this worse thing it reflect his expansionist attitude. Human innovations could not be denied. Switzerland is the world’s most-innovative economy followed by Sweden, the United States of America (U.S.), the United Kingdom (U.K.) and the Netherlands, according to the GII 2020. 2020 ranking of science and technology hotspots Tokyo-Yokohama is the top performing hotspot again, followed by Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Guangzhou, Seoul, Beijing, and San Jose-San Francisco. Economies achieved huge levels in innovation, Science and Technology, and they are capable to predict nature surprises, but it is also true we cannot deny supreme power will. Whatever nature wants to do, it does. Sometimes it seems cruel attempt of her, but in close inspect we found foul play is also done by human too. Selfishness is a very common word, and we take it very lightly. But it is like mental disorder, when human embrace selfishness, he is wrapped up in own desires and don’t care others. There are countless instances which let the selfishness prove poisonous. Deforestation, emissions of greenhouse gases, soil erosion, Plastic use, etc. are problems which are creating huge disaster worldwide. Although, agreements are being signed over climate change, PARIS AGREEMENT is one among where Its goal is to limit global warming to well below 2, preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels. It was adopted by 196 Parties at COP 21 in Paris, on 12 December 2015 and entered into force on 4 November 2016. These are agreement which can help to control climate change, but it seems agreements should be tabled on cruelty. Recently, horrible news was just breaking TV big screen with sad vibrations, human attempt of cruelty happened in Malappuram, Kerala where a pregnant elephant died after a local allegedly fed her a pineapple stuffed with crackers. Some News reported that locals did this horrible task to safeguard their crops from wild animals. But destroy someone's life is not the way at all. The question arises, how human being can take decisions over animals and vegetation life. Both cannot speak and escalate their grievance, so supreme power does justice by doing natural disasters. A herd of elephant was seen rummaging food around garbage areas located next to a wildlife protection zone, A landfill site in the town of Ampara Sri Lanka was created about a decade ago. It is a head scratcher sad moment that why the elephant is helpless to find his food in scrap. This is a jumbo problem in Sri Lanka on human and elephant conflict. Where human want to save their crop field and elephant does enter human boundaries or to jump scrap in search of food. Now it is the human responsibility to get solved as soon as possible. Unlike human can find good in bad, animals take the things same as displayed. If we talk about air pollution, In India, more people have been killed due to toxic air pollution in 2019 than in 2017, according to Lancet report published recently. 1.67 million deaths accounting for 18% of all fatalities. New Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai were on the list of the world’s 20 worst polluted cities. It is the human responsibility to provide a better environment to others who are also the stakeholders of nature, if not, at least let the nature as it is as it has been created. Otherwise, be ready for floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and storms, etc. Another natural treatment also here like pandemic, as we all know whole world are shivering under corona disaster. Science and Technology help to shield the entire world, but things which happened around let us know, supreme power controls the entire universe and even atom cannot change its position without his will. And if someone dares to imbalance nature the result will be worse. Being loved, spread love and respect each other habitants are good health prescriptions for nature creations. In profitable Marketing world, maverick tricks are being carried out to sell products, but nature care its creation by providing them basic things under lifetime package, Simultaneously, we should make proper utilization of natural resources. Chandigarh

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Govt Magic Wand on Health Sector, time to Make it Effective

2/9/2021 10:50:00 AM

Fill in the details, create a login, get registered and you are being contacted, or call is being initiated, perfect initiatives have been taken. In the Covid-19 pandemic phase, sluggish things have happened, but some new ideas are originated for perpetual. Covid-19 Pandemic jolted the world by proving how health facilities are vulnerable and must be sprawled and effective. Although everything which affects our economy should be improved health is the first which affects a lot, or we can say that each citizen’s health contributes towards economy. Before the pandemic, things had been going as it is for many years without required amendments, but corona stimulated the world to be changed for very required reasons. Such changes have happened in the health sector although many people are not aware of such health facilities. Online Registration System (ORS) and E Sanjeevani OPD are among various online medical services portals. E Sanjeevani OPD is National Teleconsultation Service of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is first of its kind online OPD service offered by a country government to its citizens. The platform is available to people in 27 states and union territories. It is a big push for the 'Digital India' initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As many, big hospitals have come forward by creating an online platform for patients. Registration number, OPD Appointments, doctor-patient meet through video calling, and medical reports are being served under the online portal. Through an online portal, minor issues can be solved by sitting at home. No more travel harassment for mild medical issues. The Effective online portal will help the hospital crowd off and the physical visits would be happening in required cases. Time, Money and travel expense can be saved. It will be beneficial for the hospital too as a less human resource can provide their best services comparatively. During Pandemic, Online wave was seen in health sector among other prominent sectors and it has proved by doing work under these online platforms, productivity can be increased but it cannot be denied, these Medical online portals are doing their work as per web programming but the people who are working under these web systems are not doing their work in the required effective way. It is seen that government initiatives work like a magic wand but being a country citizen and Prominent organizations, we should put at least propositional efforts to make things happening only after those things can work properly. By developing OPD online Portals, a sigh of relief has been seen during the Pandemic. From my little experience with portals, I realized, these portals could be proved a game-changer if it would work most effectively. As the portal is patient-friendly, easy to operate and well managed but services that should be provided is not available in a better manner. General OPD & Specialty OPD should be opened on a timely basis and every each Token should be consulted as per queue. It is seen doctors do not be the online timely and patient end it up with waiting, most patients are not updated about their turn. India's economy is strong in its own way and citizen’s efforts can bring it to the next level. Where the world is deteriorated by corona, India fought with corona like strong warriors and helping the world like God Sakat Mochan Hanuman by giving swadeshi free vaccination. Time to boost Govt efforts to make the health sector strong and effective. Chandigarh

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In Pandemic “Yeh Public Hai Yeh Sab Janti Hai”

4/28/2021 2:07:00 PM

Oxygen, Proper Hydration means Water, Healthy lifestyle & healthy food are trending aggressively these days. As a literate generation, we accumulated enough knowledge about body and soul before Pandemic but realize this profoundly now. 24x7 rushing for work,compromising with health, eat Junk food to save seconds to compete daily stuff and much more but why not Since childhood we are poured with competition from head to toe. From neighbours to relatives, we are compared with each other, so Ladies and Gentlemen don’t worry, it's not our fault I think we will have to start R & D to determine what is the root cause. Anyhow, let us not divert attention and just focus on immunity and health-related things. Newspapers, Radio, Tv Channels, and even almost every advertisement are talking about simple things immunity, proper hydration, exercise, good food, and of course vaccination is being seen as hope. It is seen nobody is talking about money in corona days to some extent. Politicians, Actors, Famous personalities, and the common man are being treated unbiasedly by monster corona and meanwhile, backbenchers and average school and college students are happy about the comeback of covid-19 although they don’t believe to express their happiness, viral messages, memes, and trending videos are not hidden from mobile users and social sites subscribers. On the other hand, the labour class, low-income group, small business, and even big ones are hit by the second wave it is like between the devil and the deep sea like circumstances in the pandemic. It is said, worse condition can be tackled only with attitude, means it is your attitude that can change the things positively. In Corona, the economy is jolted by the second wave where some are in between the devil and the deep sea like situation, some big personalities are busy in Twitter handle to only for emotional Tweets, begging with a loud voice, no donations and with Big Public Relation Team, somewhere, volunteers for their upcoming project promotions by giving stuff till their project profits. Another one working like helping hands in a worse situation. Free food Services, Free oxygen for needy and poor, Free Ambulance Services, oxygen langar, Services for covid victim’s body to Crematorium, Doctors, frontline Workers, army, Police, and many untold Anti Covid Heros are balancing the worse situation silently, they don’t have Public Relation services who will handle their brand value or name. One more thing is noticed “They are Silent, but Their Work is Loud”. In this condition “Yeh Jo Public Hai Yeah Sab Janti Hai” is fitted perfectly. In this time, we should help each other honestly, if we cannot, at least we can take care of ourselves from covid-19 so that others can be facilitated with medical services and other things which we would have if we were infected. Chandigarh


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Maharashtra offers 1% stamp duty concession for women buyers

5/14/2021 11:19:00 AM

The Maharashtra government, in its budget for 2021-22, announced a concession of 1% over the prevailing stamp duty rate on property transactions, if the transfer of house property or registration of sale deed, is done in the name of women. The announcement was made by deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar, on March 8, 2021. Consequently, women buyers will now pay only 2% of the property value as the stamp duty. The move has been welcomed by the industry. “Majority of women are buying homes now, not only as an investment but also for financial security. This step by the government, ratifies their support towards female home buyers. It will also help provide security to dependent women, as more men will buy houses in the name of the women in their families,” said Ram Raheja, director, S Raheja Realty. “Modern-age women portray strong desirability to own a home and the rebate in stamp duty is a great move that will boost housing sales and make women take the leap from being home-makers to bread earners and now, proud home owners,” said Raunika Malhotra, president, marketing and corporate communications, Lodha. “Women have long been recognised as an important part of the decision-making, when it comes to selecting a home. Today, women are independent, empowered, educated and employed. The state acknowledging this and making way for women to be more empowered, is a move in the right direction. The announcement in the state budget, on reduction in stamp duty for women home buyers, has come as a perfect celebration for Women’s Day, which will encourage them to invest in real estate,” said Shraddha Kedia-Agarwal, head, marketing and sales, Transcon Developers. “The government has taken measures to encourage women to invest in real estate, by providing concession on stamp duty, if any house is purchased solely in the name of the woman. It is a pleasant coincidence that the measures given to women in real estate came on Women’s Day,” added Himanshu Jain, VP, sales, marketing and CRM, Satellite Developers. However, in spite of the intense demand from the industry, to continue with the temporary stamp duty rate reduction that expired on March 31, 2021, the state has withdrawn the benefit. Consequently, buyers will now pay 5% stamp duty on property purchases, beginning April 1, 2021. The 1% reduction offered to women buyers will, however, continue. Recall here that during the period for which the stamp duty reduction remained in effect, housing sales increased month-on-month in the state. Data available with the Inspector General of Registration (IGR), Maharashtra, show that during the period between September 2020 and March 2021, when the stamp duty cut was effective, as many as 80,718 properties were registered in Mumbai alone, a growth of 114% against the same period last year. “On behalf of the real estate fraternity, we urge the government to extend the reduced 3% stamp duty charges for another two quarters, so that we can continue to encourage the home buyers to invest in their dream homes,” Ashok Mohanani, president, NAREDCO-Maharashtra had said earlier. Source: Housing.Com MAHARASHTRA

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NAREDCO urges UP CM to provide relief to real estate developers amid pandemic

5/16/2021 11:20:00 AM

Noida (UP), May 12 (PTI) Real estate body NAREDCO on Wednesday said it has requested Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for an 18-month interest-free period for developers for clearing outstanding land dues, lease rent and other payments amid the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) has also sought extension of time period for completion of projects, among other relief measures to mitigate problems in completing construction and handing over possession of flats to allottees. In a letter to the chief minister, NAREDCO UP Chairman R K Arora said the real estate industry, in spite of its vast potential and capabilities to support the economy, has been "neglected" at all levels and has been the "victim of all adverse situations". "Construction at the real estate projects has always been the first casualty for the environmental issues, ground water level issues, Master Plan issues, legal issues, labour exodus, and now the pandemic COVID-19, as a result of which almost all the projects are delayed causing cost escalation, liquidity crisis, defaulted land payments and the project loans becoming NPA," he stated. Arora said the delay in completion of these projects have resulted in agitation by homebuyers and large number of complaints in different fora like RERA, consumer forums and civil courts, which are imposing heavy fines on developers. Putting forward NAREDCO UP''s demands, he urged the chief minister to issue directions to the industrial development department/authorities to allow relief to the sector, treating the pandemic as a "National Natural Calamity". The demands included an 18-month interest-free period (zero period) on the dues to the Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway Authorities from allottee developers against construction days lost on account of the pandemic. "Withdraw the demand of time extension charges on all projects which have obtained occupancy certificate of minimum requirements of total FAR of allotted plot as per building bye laws," the NAREDCO letter stated. The industry body also batted for tagging of authorities dues with sub-lease permission flat-wise on pro-rata basis, besides withdrawal of increase in rate of lease rent. PTI KIS ABM ABM Source: Outlook NOIDA

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Rajasthan housing department fixes norms to ensure homes for poor

5/17/2021 11:19:00 AM

The urban development and housing (UDH) department has tightened its noose around those developers who are hesitant to provide houses to the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) and Lower Income Group (LIG) in their schemes as per the mandatory norms. Now, it will not be easy for developers in the state to not construct houses for the EWS and LIG in their schemes. As per the township policy rules, builders or developers launching a group housing scheme or high-rises must construct houses for EWS and LIG categories. Till date, no project has been cancelled and developers who have defaulted have not initiated construction. Sources said, developers had shown apprehension to construct houses for the poor on premium land and in schemes. Following this, relaxation was provided to construct houses for EWS and LIG category on some other project land. However, many have not adhered to the policy. After the new rules, developers cannot construct EWS and LIG houses at distant locations. An official said, the civic body provides relaxation in land conversion, building map approval and other charges to developers for constructing houses for EWS and LIG category. In return, the private builders have to develop schemes and invite applications through lottery in the presence of representatives of local bodies. “If a developer was constructing apartments in a posh locality, then he would provide houses to EWS and LIG sections in far-flung areas. However, as per new rules, it would be mandatory to provide houses in 800 metre periphery of the main project,” said the official. After receiving several complaints, the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) also constituted a panel of chartered accountants to audit the houses and plots constructed under various provisions of the Chief Minister Jan Awaas Yojana. The zone commissioners were directed to monitor the houses and plots constructed under the scheme. Strict rules were framed after it was observed that many developers are not constructing houses. Source: Economic Times RAJASTHAN

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